Monday, June 25, 2012

Table of Contents for Issue One Finalized

The story lineup for the first issue of Specutopia has been finalized.  We feel this collection of stories provides an excellent cross-section of the tone and feel for our magazine.  We had a large number of top-notch pieces to choose from, and we ended up having to cut some really good qualiy pieces, or hold them for future issues.  All the authors who have stories being published in our first issue have been extremely professional and a pleasure to work with, and we want to thank them, as well as all the authors who submitted work to our fledgling magazine.

Here is the table of contents for Specutopia, Issue One:

Greg Mellor - "Hollow Places"
James Beamon - "The Death of the World's Greatest Detective"
D. Thomas Minton - "Hoodoo"
Jennifer Mason-Black - "Water Child"
Rachael Acks - "Entangled"
David Steffen - "Never Idle"
Jetse de Vries - "Solitude, Quietude, Vastitude"

The release date for the first issue will be on or around July 1, 2012.

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